Exercises to Complete – Dashboarding and KPIs


  1. Go to the eLearning Hub (see link below)
  2. Open the “BA Certification P2P app
  3. Create a new sheet for each of the items below.
    1. Create a table displaying the most frequently occuring activitytypes.
    2. A bookmark for the previous day should always be created (e.g. If the user selects the bookmark the 20th of January, the CaseStartDate 19th of January should be filtered, if the user selects the bookmark the 25th of January, the CaseStartDate 24th of January should be filtered etc.).
    3. Create a table that shows the number of cases for two product classes (1. Trading & End Products and 2. Additives) using Year/Mont6h on the x-axis.
    4. Create a measure that shows the number of process variants for the company “MEHRWERK US”. All data should be considered with this formula and no subsequent st of data when filtering.