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Fit for Digital Transformation

Reduce costs by40%
Increase productivity by60%
Achieve Operational Excellence100%

Achieve operational Excellence 4.0 with Process Mining

Increase Efficiency despite Complexity

We live in a world of business processes that are supported digitally. These processes leave their mark on IT systems. People are connected through IT systems (e.g. SAP®, Microsoft Dynamics® etc.), whereas machines are linked by MES systems (Industry 4.0). Complexity is increasing. Flexibility must be maintained. Costs should be reduced.

  • What is happening daily within your processes?
  • Where do deviations, inefficiencies, compliance issues occur?
  • What potential improvement may result from this?

MPM ProcessMining gives you complete transparency.

Live eSeminar | 11 Feb, 2021, 3pm

What began as a transformation became a digital switch thanks to COVID. No business trips, no conferences - everything is digital. How do business analytics and process mining help companies to establish the necessary active intelligence in processes? We provide answers and give you live insight into process mining.

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On 17.06.2019, MEHRWERK was listed in the Gartner Market Guide for Process Mining 2019 for the process mining solution MPM (MEHRWERK ProcessMining).

MPM - the perfect Tool for your Project's Success

Visualization is not the only answer. MPM offers process mining with Qlik® DNA, the right DNA for your project's success:

Associative Self Service Process Mining

Thanks to Qlik®'s well-established base technology, Self Service Process Mining is made possible and takes place in convenient, user-friendly analysis apps. The native InMemory technology enables numerous views on all data and processes.

Targeted Root Cause Analysis

Find errors and their cause thanks to highly performant conformance checking (= uncovering of hidden, crucial process deviations) and AI for targeted root cause analysis.

Corrective Action

Assign "Corrective Actions" to employees, which MPM eXecution automatically suggests to you. MPM's integrated workflow and corrective action management supports and continuously improves process execution.

Simplified gathering of Data

Compared to dedicated process mining solutions, data processing does not take place in the source system thanks to integrated ETL & mining algorithms and is therefore much simpler and more efficient. Extensions are possible "on-the-fly".

Data Governance

Data governance is one of the most important success factors for digital transformation and plays a decisive role in the overall success of data analytics and big data projects. Qlik®-based process mining offers reliable data quality.

Obstacles on the Path to a Project’s Success

Expenses in BI & ProcessMining projects resulting from data preparation80%
Influence of usability, speed & data governance of an IT system on a project's success95%

MPM in Use

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From a "Place of Action" to added Value from one End to another.

Areas of Application for Process Mining

Process Harmonization

Process harmonization across different organizational entities & companies.

Process Optimization

Process optimization considering lead time, costs and process stability.


Ensuring compliance requirements.

Aside from the three classical fields of application, the accompanying use of Process Mining is also recommended for the latest digitalization projects and measures that may include:

Impact Controlling

Making digitalization measurable


S/4HANA Migration / ERP Transformation

Prepare and accompany S/4HANA migration projects or ERP transformations with Process Mining

Process Mining & RPA

Detect potential RPA and avoid faulty RPA

RESSOURCE AREA | Exclusive process mining content at your disposal

MPM's Ressource Area offers an abundance of content to fit your interesests: e. g. infographics and use cases - specially curated for you by our Process Mining experts.

Self Service Process Mining becomes possible ...

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Process Mining & Business Analytics

What MPM ProcessMining offers

Continual monitoring, comparison and analysis of all process variants
Depiction of all relevant key performance indicators as well as performance measurement
Runaway control & root cause analysis
Flexible filtration & ranking according to a variety of criteria (suppliers, customers, organizational entities etc.)
Workflow and Corrective Action Management

Find your HAPPY PATH - Improve your Business

Purchasing Department

Bottom line value

Better delivery service
  • Less time spent on inquiry and processing of orders
  • Higher adherence to delivery dates
  • Simpler processes
Benchmark of suppliers and sourcing channels, e.g:
  • Delivery schedules, individual orders, VMI, etc.
  • Sourcing organizations, product groups
  • Suppliers
Reduction of manufacturing costs
  • Decreased purchase prices, reduction of "Maverick Buying"
  • Increased reliability on deliveries, lower inventory volume
  • Decreased ordering costs

Bottom line value

Better customer service
  • Less time spent on offer and order processing
  • Correct offer and order registration
  • Simplified processes
Benchmarking sales networks and sales channels, e.g:
  • eCommerce
  • service centers
  • EDI orders
  • Sales company A vs. B
Increased contribution margin
  • Decreasing the amount of discounts
  • Streamlining of sales activities
  • Decreased costs for order processing

Bottom Line Value

Mapping of risk indicators for all process areas, e.g:
  • Create / change banking data in "offshore" countries
  • Purchase orders despite expired contracts
  • Manual payments to creditors
Avoiding any violation of 4-eye principles, e.g:
  • Creation of orders/ payment release
Detection of critical process sequences, e.g:
  • Booking incoming goods without purchase order
  • Billing without incoming goods
  • Booking outgoing goods without an order
  • Intermediate changes to account data in connection with payments

Bottom Line Value

Better delivery service
  • Decreased lead times
  • Less follow-up work
  • Increased adherence to delivery dates
  • Simplified processes
Benchmark of product groups and organizational entities, e.g:
  • Prefabrication and assembly
  • Factory A and Factory B
  • Product 1 and Product 2
Improved contribution margin
  • Decreased process costs
  • Increased delivery reliability
  • Less inventory
After Sales / Service

Bottom Line Value

Better customer service
  • Less time spent on offer and order processing
  • Faster response rates
  • Improved level of service
  • Benchmark of organizational entities
Increased contribution margin
  • Optimal pricing
  • Decreased process costs

Bottom Line Value

Faster monthly & annual finanical statements due to
  • process simplification
  • process harmonization
Optimization of cash flow, e.g:
  • Days of Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • use of cash discounts
reduction of costs supported through new possibilities
  • process cost calculation
Process-oriented controlling
  • Benchmark of organizational entities

MPM + Qlik® ≙ maximum Agility

The Perfect Match for Process Insights

In many cases there are separate "standalone" BI and process mining solutions based on similar input data. MPM was developed out of the understanding that process performance indicators (PPIs) should not form their own analysis clusters in addition to conventional indicator analyses. On the contrary: the special features of the modern "agile BI" pioneer Qlik® are "inherited" through a Process Mining analysis and offer a unique added value. A real win-win situation for Qlik® users and newcomers.

Fast Implementation
Simple Adjustment
Ease of Use
Fast ROI
On-demand process visualization
Associative analysis & self service BI
Process & business KPIs
Algorithms for generating event logs
Business content package
Leading BI platform with over 45,000 customers
Patented InMemory technology for Big Data
Smart Search: Full text search of all data
Integrated ETL functionality & access to multiple data sources
Certified connectors for SAP® and other systems

ICPM 2019 Conformance Checking Award

On June 24 ,2019, MEHRWERK was awarded the ICPM 2019 Conformance Checking Contest Award in the category "Professional" for its process mining solution MEHRWERK ProcessMining (MPM). The award was presented at the first International Conference on Process Mining (ICPM) at RWTH Aachen University. The ICPM is the first conference dedicated to the rapidly growing discipline that is process mining.

Qlik Global Innovation Partner of the Year

Recognized for Outstanding Achievement, Innovation and Joint Customer Success with Qlik, MEHRWERK got awarded as Innovation Partner of the Year 2019.


The Initiative Mittelstand awarded particularly innovative IT solutions that prove to have high benefits for mid tier with the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2018. The award-winning product MEHRWERK ProcessMining (MPM) convinced the jury and was one of the top products of INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT in 2018. The Initiative Mittelstand honored particularly innovative solutions that help small and medium-sized companies prepare for a successful digital future.



[ˈprəʊ.ses ˈmaɪ.nɪŋ], the; (Business Process Discovery)

Automated business process analysis - with all relevant key figures - based on digital traces in IT systems. Process knowledge contained in data, implicit and otherwise hidden is visualized and thus tangible and transportable.

Process Transparency

Experience visually how your business processes truly function

Process Insights

Gain comprehensive insights based on your existing processes


Gain agility in days instead of months by evaluating digital traces that are left behind troughout IT systems


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