MPM eXecution Suite

The combination of analyses and actions for optimized processes

MPM eXecution combines real-time process analysis with targeted action management for process optimization. Fast and intuitive. The suite creates actions directly in the platform and distributes them to other systems or employees – rule-based, automated and based on process data. Per alert, dynamic workflow or as automation in direct exchange with other platforms. eXecution is the connective hub for your process improvement! Get to know the possibilities.

Informed at the right moment



Alerting means sophisticated, data-driven notifications to users, who can then proactively monitor and manage the process. Alerts are created and managed centrally or defined as self-service by individual end users. The alerts and warnings can be sent by mail and to mobile devices as push messages.

Manage and assign
measures easily

Corrective Actions Management

Corrective Actions Management is the extension to pure alerts. Here, measures of any complexity can be created automatically or manually and be assigned to the responsible person. In the intuitive worklist, due dates are set and monitored, and additional information on the execution of actions can be transmitted.

Dynamically close process gaps



The creation of workflows of any complexity closes gaps in the digitized execution of processes. This allows process flows to be standardized and process disruptions to be eliminated. MPM workflows seamlessly interlink processes even in heterogeneous system landscapes and thus realize true automated end-to-end processes.

Automated intelligent actions


Application Automation

Application Automation is a convenient way to create dynamic workflows that automatically respond to business events and trigger informed actions in applications (e.g. RPA, SAP). The automations are created in a visual low-code environment and can be extended with conditions, filters, variables or loops in any complexity. Broad connectivity to popular SaaS applications and standard protocols enable communication into all popular systems.



Experience your data live and "in flow"

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