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Welcome to your MEHRWERK ProcessMining eLearning Platform.
Participate in our customized workshops around our Business User, Business Analyst and Data Engineer programs and become an MPM expert. Are you new to the MPM world? Then check out our MPM eXplore course!

What do you get out of our courses?

Become an MPM expert. We offer three courses: Business User, Business Analyst and Data Engineer. Each course is composed of several lessons. These in turn contain different topics.
You are new to the MPM world? Then check out our MPM eXplore course!

Choose out of our main courses:

mpm Business User

This course will teach you how to navigate on the sheets of the MPM Template App. We will introduce you to all sheets, so that you know exactly where to find your analyses. In doing so, we will use an app that refers to a Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process. The first half of this course will show you the Dashboard Sheets, the second half will show you the Tool Sheets.

mpm Business Analyst

As Business Analyst, you will be able to build target-oriented process mining dashboards, understand the MPM Data Model and structure of the MPM Script. You will be able to deploy the MPM Template App and configure the Template App to your business needs.

mpm Data Engineer I

This course provides you with in-depth knowledge of app deployment. We look inside the script in the data load editor of the MPM Template App. You will get to know all the configuration options that MPM offers you.

New to MPM? Then join this course:

MPM eXplore: Introduction

Explore MEHRWERK ProcessMining by analyzing three different examples of processes (Purchase-to-pay, Logistics, WakeUp-to-work) which differ in their complexity and difficulty. Prove your analyzing abilities in a quiz and receive an MPM eXplore Participation Certificate.

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