With the intelligent combination of process mining and task mining, you can take your "experience transformation" in the workplace to a new level.

Capture desktop activities, discover automation potential and optimise user experience and efficiency in the workplace. Consistent, data-driven automation of your workplace workflows will take employee satisfaction and daily efficiency to a whole new level. Read on to find out more.

Gartner pioneer bi-based Process Mining weiß

Experience Transformation
for employees & customers


Smarter processes in the workplace

Digitalisation brings along great challenges as well as insane potentials. Use this potential and improve the desktop interaction experience of your employees and customers. Especially in times of home offices, the "experience transformation" is of great importance with regard to efficient and satisfied working from home.

Create extraordinary experiences. Transform the customer and employee experience with intelligent use of technology.


Unattended Robotic Processs Automation


Desktop Process Automation

Process Discovery

Automation Finder and Desktop Analytics

Insights into applications
and processes

Knowledge Management30%
Working time25%

Example | Application Usage

Desktop Analytics

Gain visibility of your employees' desktop activities.

  • Capture of desktop activities and categorisation into productivity areas
  • Capture process handling, work cycles and reopen times
  • Determination of productivity and performance standards
  • Determination of process failures
  • Analysis of specific application usage
Increase productivity
Improve performance
Inspire personal responsibility
Anonymisation / aggregation

Intelligent automation
of workflows


AI-based Automation Discovery

Discover automation opportunities. Identify the processes with the greatest ROI - based on various parameters, e.g.:

  • Frequency
  • Process handle time
  • Type of manual actions

Process Mining & Task Mining as Teamplayer

Why use process mining together with desktop mining?

Task mining provides the event log for "unstructured" activities and can thus enable an even more holistic view of the processes. Intermediate steps that do not take place in the IT system (e.g. e-mail, document processing) can also be recorded and the Process Mining EventLog can be enriched. Your advantages:


Significantly reduce costs for discovery activities


Increase process transparency


Calculate manual workload for tasks within the operating systems


Identify RPA potential top-down and quantify the real business case


Detect and eliminate quality problems


Screen and minimise risks


Identify efficiency and cost saving opportunities


Make better investment decisions


Experience your data live "in the flow

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