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Comprehend and standardise purchasing

MPM P2P eXpert App

P2P | Optimize purchase-to-pay processes with process mining

Purchasing processes can be analyzed quickly and easily with process mining. From the purchase requisition to the payment, the entire process chain can be scrutinised. Learn more about the application scenario "Process Mining in Purchasing" and master process complexity as well as compliance guidelines.

Accounts Payable | Get more information on how process mining can be used to analyse financial flows in purchasing.

Maintain transparency about the purchasing process, suppliers and procurement channels
Save process costs
Improving the delivery service
Increase process efficiency in the procurement process
Making digitisation measurable
Shorten lead times

CaseStudy | Purchase-to-Pay

In search of a powerful solution for the analysis of actual processes in the area of purchasing and accounts payable, the MEHRWERK customer decided on MPM ProcessMining. In addition to the certified connection to SAP® and a powerful in-memory data management based on the integrated Qlik® technology, the fulfilment of the following goals was decisive...

Further information | Possible application scenarios of Process Mining in Purchasing.

MPM eXpert App DEMO | Gain insight into our ready-to-use applications.

Successfully manage sales


O2C | Optimize order-to-cash processes with process mining

Customer satisfaction is the success factor par excellence - which is why order-to-cash is also one of the most popular end-to-end core processes in which process mining is used. From order to payment, the IT-supported work steps in the sales process become tangible and can thus be optimized.

Accounts Receivable | Get more information on how process mining can be used to analyse financial flows in sales.


MPM O2C eXpert App
Improve on-time delivery
Shorten lead times
Optimize customer service
Increase process efficiency in the sales process
Maintain transparency about the sales process and customers
Making digitisation measurable
Save process costs
Reduce risk

Webinar on Demand

Improving the Customer Journey with Process Mining
Agile process mining technology enables rapid ad-hoc analysis of "click streams" to identify and eliminate bottlenecks and problems in the customer journey. Drag-and-drop functions make it easy to load data and create analyses. We show you how!


Further information | Possible application scenarios of Process Mining in Sales.

MPM eXpert App DEMO | Gain insight into our ready-to-use applications.

Optimize production processes
according to demand


MPM Production eXpert App

Production | Preventing bottlenecks and monitoring quality

Fluctuations in demand and individual customer requirements affect every production. The quality of the product must be in harmony with its manufacturing costs. Only a professional can maintain the necessary overview for optimisation projects in such an area of conflict - with the right tool in hand.

Shorter delivery times, better delivery quality
Low capital costs/commitment
Benchmark of production plants
Eliminate causes of quality defects
More efficient logistics, lean processes
Making digitisation measurable
Shorten lead times
Optimize production planning and capacity utilisation

Webinar on Demand

Powerful Value Stream Mapping with Process Mining: Lead your supply chain and lean management into the age of digital transformation. Analyse, validate and design your value stream holistically, automatically, objectively and data-driven, as well as faster and, above all, repeatable at will. The automated analysis and AI-supported optimisation of your value stream provides you with insights and competitive advantages.


Further information | Possible application scenarios of Process Mining in Production.

MPM eXpert App DEMO | Gain insight into our ready-to-use applications.

Make supply chain management processes
transparent and sustainable

Logistics | Optimize supply chain management with process mining

SCM is one of the most complex processes in companies. The reason for this is the high number of participants in logistical processes as well as the variety of goods and services offered. In addition to internal factors, external factors in particular have a direct impact on the supply chain. With process mining, it is possible to react quickly and correctly to constantly changing framework conditions.


MPM SCM eXpert App
Ensure delivery times
Shorter lead times
Benchmark of suppliers and logistics service providers
Reduction of customs duties and transport costs
Ensure the ability to deliver
Faster response to external factors

Webinar on Demand

The Power of Agile Process Mining – From raw to ready: How to build a solution for supply chain transparency „on the fly“
"SPEED MATTERS" - Intelligent self-service dashboards change the rules of the game and make process mining accessible to anyone and any type of workflow or business process. Experience our expert dashboarding in MPM ProcessMining!


Further information | Possible application scenarios of Process Mining in Logistics & SCM.

MPM eXpert App DEMO | Gain insight into our ready-to-use applications.

Keeping finances at
a glance


MPM Finance eXpert App

Finance | Creating transparency and taking targeted action

Accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoice receipt, procure-to-pay and working capital management are the processes/areas where process mining is applied in finance. Unused cash discount opportunities, reminders from suppliers, inefficiently working subsidiaries as well as avoidable capital commitment are problems and conditions that can be significantly improved through the use of process mining.

Accounts Payable | Keeping an eye on liabilities

Process mining ensures the timely fulfilment of accounts payable. All stumbling blocks such as late payments, long lead times and approvals of invoices are optimized and unnecessary process loops are eliminated.

Accounts Receivable | Improve receivables management with process mining

With Process Mining, the bill receivables resulting from the delivery of goods and the provision of services are monitored - the data remains transparent. Processes such as the control and management of open receivables or correct and on-time invoicing are optimised in the blink of an eye with process mining.

Release tied-up capital
Identify weaknesses in the process
Benchmark of locations
Reduce risk
Making optimization measurable
Eliminate inefficiencies

Webinar on Demand | Accounts Payable

Where is our Money? Optimising Accounts Payable with Process Mining
In our webinar you will learn why Accounts Payable is a clear case for process mining and why you should not do without it.

Further information | Possible application scenarios of Process Mining in Financial Management.

MPM eXpert App DEMO | Gain insight into our ready-to-use applications.

MPM in Use

Some examples


abbvie (Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals)
Medical trials / Treatment patterns


AMAG Austria Metall AG (Aluminum Industry)


AOK (Public Health Insurance)
Enterprise-wide use of Process Mining


Sales-Processes and Customer Journeys

Bank Of Chongqing

Bank Of Chongqing (Banking)
Process Management


BEDRA (Metal processing)
Production processes


BGV – Badische Versicherungen (Insurance)
Process optimization in the claims settlement process


Master Data Management


BOOZT.COM (Fashion Industry)
Enterprise-wide use of Process Mining


BRUKER SWITZERLAND (Instrumental Analytics)
Master Data Management


Process management


Deloitte Germany (Strategy Consulting & Auditing)


Service Management / HCM / Maintenance etc.


Enel Group (Energy Utility)
Order Activation Process


E.ON (Energy)
Internal Audit / Compliance


FINANZ INFORMATIK (IT service provider of the Savings Banks Finance Group)
Digital Bank Management & Customer Journey Analytics




GENERALI (Insurance)
Process optimization in the claims settlement process

Infobip Logo

infobip (IT & Telecommunications | Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS))


NELLY AB (Fashion Industry)
Return Process and Product activation Process (QAP)


PHILIPS (Electronics)
Order-to-Cash / eCommerce / Logistics


PHOENIX CONTACT (Electrical engineering / Automation)


Enterprise-wide use of Process Mining


SANIMED (Medical Homecare, Mobility and Medical Technology)


SIEMENS ENERGY (Electronics & Energy Technology)
Supply Chain Management


IoT-data in computed tomography (ICT)
> Competitive advantage


R. STAHL (Safety Technology)
Enterprise-wide use of Process Mining


STRÖER (Media / Advertising)
Accounts Payable / Purchase-to-Pay


TELENET (Telecommunications)
Customer Journey Analytics


UDI Norway (Public Services)
Application processes for asylum seekers


VODAFONE (Telecommunications)


WERNSING (Food industry)
Production & Logistics


WGV Group (Insurance)
Process optimization in the claims settlement process


ZAPP (Steel industry)


ZARGES (Metal processing)


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