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Get to know the agile self-service Process Mining platform MPM - the Process Mining solution with the fastest Time to Value. Easy data sourcing and preparation, a unique analysis experience and intuitive action management - MPM offers you an all-in-one platform to increase your process efficiency. From medium-sized businesses to large corporations. On-premise or in the cloud. Scalability, flexibility and agility are MPM's hallmarks.

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MPM Process Mining Dashboard simplified

Visualize and uncover processes

Data & process insight in one spot |

The Process Mining Dashboard combines your most important KPIs with an interactive process analysis. In the Process Analyzer, your data flows are automatically displayed in the form of a visual, interactive process flow. Like any visualization on the dashboard (tables, charts), the process graph, or its individual components (events, paths), are interactive filters.

The practically aggregated initial visualization allows you to recognize the most frequent process variants at a single glance. Thanks to the associative analysis options, you can switch to a different viewpoint at any time and filter according to time, suppliers, material groups, branches, orders or other angles. Natural language search and intelligent AI & machine learning capabilities help you gain insights and make informed decisions using data.

2-in-1: Process and performance indicators

The combination of process performance indicators (PPIs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) gives you a single point of truth for analyzing, optimizing and managing your business and value creation. Doing so opens the doors to a corporate culture driven by insight as well as to more operational excellence.

Self-service with governance

The self-service functionalities that are included, which give data governance a priority, have won several awards. It enables users to independently perform process mining analyses and create new reports. Seamless collaboration between IT, data scientists, process managers and users leads to maximized insights and more informed decisions in an astonishingly short time.

Associative discovery and search

Native InMemory technology enables arbitrary views of all data and processes. It indexes and understands every correlation in your data, so employees can freely search in any direction and discover correlations. Just as x-rays offer to insights to hidden parts of the body, the associative discovery and search capabilities gives you data insights you can’t get using query-based tools.

Augmented intelligence & natural language

In addition to the already unparalleled options for analysis, users can expect first-class assistance. Augmented intelligence functions, such as the suggestion of process insights and natural language interaction with the Insight Bot, provide employees with analytical, interpretative and decision-making support. In addition, employees can be notified of developments proactively.

From process transparency to
AI-based process optimization


Conformance Checking

Automatically detect deviations and achieve holistic process governance. |

Are our processes up to scratch? How well does our ACTUAL process perform compared to the TARGET process model?  Convenient conformance checking enables reliable monitoring of entire processes and sub-processes, as well as benchmarking of different company codes, countries, and so on.
The automatic classification of processes into fitness classes enables quick clustering and customized root cause analysis.

MPM Conformance Checking dashboard simplified
MPM Root Cause Analysis dashboard simplified

Automated root cause analysis

Identify the cause of inefficiencies automatically & quickly |
MPM automatically pinpoints where abnormal behaviours occur and allows targeted measures and activities to be applied that improve the process. MPM has many useful functions, like identifying important factors that influence anomalies and ranking them by their strength and frequency.

An automated fitness check for your processes
Monitoring the governance of your overall processes
AI-based root cause analysis
Monitoring critical process factors

From process insights to data-driven
decisions and actions


Integrated actions management with MPM eXecution

From analysis to process optimization: intuitive task management for corrective actions |

The MPM eXecution Suite is an interface technology that allows actions to be distributed to employees directly from the process mining platform. Automatic distribution can be applied based on rules, via the root cause analysis, or directly from the user’s front end. In addition, you can interactively record process steps that are manual and not IT or system-based, and integrate them into the process and its monitoring. Also, push your process automation even further and trigger not only employees but even RPA bots.

More about: MPM eXecution Suite

MPM eXecution dashboard simplified
MPM Process Monitoring dashboard simplified

Continuous process monitoring
& process predictions thanks to artificial intelligence

Analyze ongoing processes. Take action before things get out of hand. |

Real-time analysis functionality gives you insight into running processes and their status. This allows you to take corrective action well before processes get out of hand. For this purpose, MPM has convenient built-in functionalities, that can be directly applied to the respective source system. In addition, MPM simulates and predicts various process developments, strengthened by methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The insights enable users to better operate within ongoing processes.

Predictive process analysis
Intuitive management of corrective actions
Interactive recording of manual processes
Triggering actions in external systems

How does your data end up in the process analysis?

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